Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bush's Announces Healthcare plan

It was something about taxes and healthcare spending that nobody knows for sure will work. Not to mention it's so convoluted with time frames, tax brackets and state to state differences one needs a damn CPA, lawyer, hospital administrator, and physic to tell if it will work.

Here's the real deal - Healthcare providers raise prices constantly to increase profits. That's how the free market and capitalism works. You strive for a price point that maximizes revenue. You don't strive for a price point where everybody can have one. If the country/government/Bush wants everyone to have healthcare let's be honest and say some fundamental changes must occur. Not to the whole economy or the entire business world, but to the industries whose goals should be for everyone to have one. This country has enough history and experience behind it to tweak its capitalistic model a little bit. Capitalism is the way to build a country. It constructs things and gets industries started, but there comes a point where the country can and should be more.

The Parrot reached Bush for comment and he said, "We must send more troops to Iraq and Al Qaeda hates freedom." He also noted "why do I care? Halliburton don't provide healthcare. Do you think Cheney is going to let me spend time on this healthcare you speak of? Sometimes you journalists are just retarded." The proposal also relies on people making more cost effective healthcare choices. What the hell is he talking about? People have to go where there insurance demands. Does he mean I can chose between a bag of marijuana ($20 - $40 with no doctor expenses) and a bottle of valium? I don't think so.

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