Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cheney Won't be Stopped

Vice President Cheney defended his administration's war policy last night in an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer. When asked what their biggest mistake has been in Iraq Cheney responded, "I think we underestimated the extent to which 30 years of Saddam's rule had really hammered the population, especially the Shia population, into submissiveness," he said. "It was very hard for them to stand up and take responsibility in part because anybody who had done that in the past had had their heads chopped off."

Submissiveness?!? Doesn’t that mean easy to control? Hard for them to stand up and take responsibility? Then why did they vote in huge numbers then parade their ink fingers all over TV? Talk about an insulting, patronizing, bullshit answer. This is offensive to Iraqis and Americans. Americans because who is dumb enough to believe this crap? That's not an answer, if we are going to fix what we helped create, from helping Saddam to killing him, then we need to take some responsibility for the current situation.

Since Cheney was granting interviews we had our very own Parrot meet up with him for some scotch and conversation.

Q: What is your fondest personal memory?
A: Walking out of the church with Lynne on our wedding day under the open oil wells. It was glorious. Some folks blow bubbles, throw rice or walk under swords, but nothing beats the romance of raining oil.

Q: What are the 20,000 more troops going to do?
A: Build an oil moat around Baghdad to keep out insurgents.

Q: Why has the executive branch been so powerful the last eight years?
A: The other branches allow the constitution to constrain them. We don't even have a copy of it in the office.

Q: What legislation would you like to see passed?
A: A constitutional amendment that states the contents of the Bill of Rights are only suggestions to be followed at the President's discretion.

After that the meeting went sour when Cheney asked, "Have you ever been covered in oil? Birds love oil right? I know this great little place up north we can go." That promptly ended the Q and A session as the insulted Parrot slammed the rest of his scotch and left.

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