Monday, January 29, 2007

Obama Getting his Act Together in Hollywood

Steven Spielberg, Jefrey Katzenberg and David Geffen have invited Barack Obama to a high-profile fundraiser to be held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 20th. For the Democratic presidential candidate it's an import opportunity to gather much needed funds and solidify some entertainment industry endorsements. The industry players are quick to point out, however, that just because they're holding a fundraiser doesn’t mean Obama is indeed they're presidential candidate. It's common for that community to donate money to numerous candidates in order to keep debate alive.

Todd Boyd, a professor at the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts says, "What I'm finding interesting is that Obama is not the immediate favorite of a lot of African-Americans - he came up through the system, not the grass roots like Jesse Jackson. At the end of the day, race and gender are a major factor but not the only factor. Hollywood will line up and see how these things play out."

Our Parrot was lucky enough to catch up with Senator Obama and discuss his early thoughts on the campaign.

P: Senator Obama, why do you think African-Americans are not immediatly choosing you as they're presidential candidate like they did with Jesse Jackson?
O: Jesse has more experience with traditional urban issues. He's a baby daddy, doesn't speak proper English and was a member of a posse that endured a tragic shooting.
P: So he keeps it realer?
O: That's the perception.
P: Can you change that?
O: Well parrot, that's one of the reasons we're having the fundraiser at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. You know who own's that don't you? Can you say sex tape? Once that puppy comes out, Geezs, talk about keepin it real. We have the creative movie making power of DreamWorks behind this. There will be no night vision goggles, no annoying chatter, just straight keepin it real.
P: Hillary Clinton is apparently worried about just such a scenario as she refered to you as "Long Dong Silver" in an earlier interview with me.
O: Well, that ho has a lot to worry to worry about. I'm not ashamed to stick out of the current crop of presidential candidates, if you know what I mean.
P: Senator Obama this is making me a little uncomfortable, I haven't even had my first scotch of the day yet. Can we please focus on the issues?
O: I'm a Democrat and a professional politician not to mention a Senator. I don't have a position, on the issues, if you know what I mean.
P: That's it Senator I can see we're getting nowhere here and I have a bottle of Laphroaig 15 waiting at home.

That was the end of that as the disgusted Parrot darted out to wash away the dirtyness with his Laphroaig.

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